What better place to spend Halloween than in a Disney resort?

I would say there were two main build ups throughout the month of October when we were travelling in America – the US elections and Halloween. 

On US politics, it was highly entertaining to follow the drama at the beginning, but by now, we could totally understand why some Americans simply chose to tune out. It is extraordinary times though, and we will certainly check in on 9 November for the election results from London. 

We saw this in Miami… again, this is NOT A political endorsement of any kind ok!

For Halloween, there were literally pumpkins everywhere!

America and Disney took Halloween very, very seriously. 

Sometimes some very cute Mickey pumpkins. 

Sometimes some scary stuff. 

On 31st October, we went trick or treating with the children at our Disney resort. 

Now, the plan was to have Emily in her Ariel costume and Daniel in his Tigger costume. Something like this. 

But Daniel point blank refused to wear his Tigger costume having worn it only this very one time. And what’s with kids and pulling off their head gear all the time?

So it ended up like this on Halloween day itself. Oh well. Off we went. 

He then inspected his haul of victory. 

Both buckets were full! Well done kids for getting the chocolates and sweets for daddy and mummy. 

Daniel was also the totally awesome dude in town. 

We got to play dress up too with Emily given how Daniel was not interested. A Snow White outfit. 

And a mesh of a cone and Belle. 

On day 44, we left Orlando and headed to Miami for a night before we fly back to London. 

Another cracking day. 

We walked along Ocean Drive. 

We found a seafood platter. But eating on Ocean Drive was really pricey. 

We spent the final day on Miami Beach which looked something like this. 

But it was way too hot to stay under the sun, so we made the kids play in the shade. 

We made our way to Miami International Airport. 

We were lucky to be able to use the airline’s business lounge. Wait, hang on, the airline’s business kids lounge rather. =.=

Daniel with his bear on his bum. 

We boarded the plane. 

We arrived in London safely. Here was another jet lagged boy. This poor thing was completely out of himself. 

As this is also our last post for our US road trip, it is going to be quite a feat to sum it all up. Here is the route map we attempted.

There has been an abundance of sunshine and we got our year’s worth of Vitamin D dosage we would have gotten in London. 

We racked up over 5,000 miles over 6.5 weeks in the end. Just to put things into perspective, we drove only 6,000 miles with our car in London over 5.5 years.

Has travelling with kids been easy?

Well, it sure wasn’t with ease. 

We had ups and downs and near misses during our trip. 

Near misses – once I (yeah, me) nearly drove off in the car with the boot still opened. Oops. Then we nearly drove off leaving our pram behind on the floor until some kind soul chased after our car to tell us about it. Oops again. 

Downs. Daniel seriously unhappy in the car. Life is so difficult. 

Emily threw the occasional tantrums. Ok rare but it happens. 

Ups. We got a happy Daniel chappy. 

Even better when there were two happy chappies. 

The number of times Michael and I marveled together at our children showed that we parents are big time suckers. One minute we can’t stand them, the next minute we go all mooshy on them. 

‘Aww, Daniel was so cute when he did this’;

‘Emily said this and it was sooo funny’. =.=

We have been fortunate that we were able to spend all the time with them. Given how we lugged the children around, they did reasonably well under those circumstances. 

We are also quite proud of the following achievements in particular:

  1. We didn’t screw up any of our hotel and car/flight booking dates
  2. We didn’t lose any of our children, passports or Emily’s pink bunny

Of sleep. Now, Michael and I both need sleep, like a lot of it. We are terrible at sleep deprivation. We do struggle sleeping in the same room as the kids. So I swear by these:

At night, the kids can wake up. If either one wakes up, then it’s like arghhh! When both wake up at freagin different times, then it’s a double or triple Fark!!

We also need to deal with naps for the kids when we were out and about during the day. 

Emily is typically quite good at telling us she needs a nap but can take forever to drift off. When she finally drifts off, she’s cool like a cowboy. 

Daniel is a bit better at crashing out. 

Travelling has always been in the blood of mine and Michael’s. 

We had a travelling hiatus when the kids were born, because it was too darn difficult to even leave our house, let alone travel around a freagin country. 

After this trip, we know how to better tackle those two kids, well, we think anyway until they become teenagers. 

Here’s us at our last stop Miami airport. 

They say travelling broadens your horizons. Well, we are ready to travel more now. Let’s go!

So this is it, peeps. What we imagined to be an epic trip is done now. Wheee! We are sad that it has ended, but we are also keen to stop this nomad lifestyle. 

To all you readers out there, especially our friends and family, thank you for adventuring with us. 

This is us signing off. X