By the time we arrived at Orlando, we have been on the road for 5 weeks with our two bambinos. 

We had the *foresight* to deliberately plan to stay put for over a week in Orlando before we fly back to London. We needed a holiday to recover from our holiday.  

We stayed at the Floridays Resort in Orlando. Daniel checked out the pool scene. 

Which looked something like this. 

The whole point of staying here for 5 days was so that we didn’ This was meant to be downtime for both the children and adults. 

I read my book. Well, my one and only book though in 6 weeks, and I’m not even done yet. So.slooow. 

Daddy went to the gym to burn off some calories so he could justify the beers and popcorn later at night when the kids go to bed. 

There was plenty of play time for the children in the room. We had dress up time. 

Emily’s colouring skills were exercised, thanks to her aunty Xiao Yi for discovering her talents. Let’s face it, no one is getting any creative teaching skills out of me. 

Emily seemed to be confused about how many horizontal strokes there were meant to be in an’E’. 

We built some legos. 

You can just about see the bomb scene in the living room behind the door. I always feel like it’s tidying up time all the time. 

Now onto Disney. 

First things first. Ticket prices. Fark me. Are we the only people who think these ticket prices are completely extortionate? 

We paid $345 for a 1 day single park pass for us. Daniel got a free pass so it would have been close to 500 bucks for ONE DAY for the whole family if he were older. 0.0

After we got over the shocking prices, we headed to Magic Kingdom because, this was really all about the children. 

After we parked our car, we had to take a ferry to the Magic Kingdom Park. It was an enormous park! We only really did Fantasyland and Adventureland given the ages of Emily and Daniel. 

At 9am in the morning, Disney was already heaving. I thought we did so well by arriving before 9am. Meh. 

The FastPass+ system was to get a special mention. Instead of finding the FastPass booths like it was in the past, we had to use the Disney App which looked something like this. 

We could also see the waiting times for the sights or rides, which I thought was pretty darn cool. Anything above 20mins was a no go. 

In this day and age, it is really true that we needed to be technologically savvy to beat the lines. 

Evidence that we were at the Magic Kingdom. 

Hugs from the princess for Emily. 

And a lollipop too?! My goodness. 

We watched the Mickey show on the centre stage. 

And then it was nearly time to go home in the evening. 

I wouldn’t go into detail what rides we did exactly. We pretty much did everything bar the 60 min wait ride which we couldn’t even get a FastPass for. It was that Snow White ride thingie if anyone is in the know…

All I would say is that if you intend to go, first, save up buttercup because ticket prices alone will cost an arm and a leg. Second, it’s worth reading up a bit before hand for some tips to navigate the whole thing. 

After we checked out of Floridays Resort, we booked ourselves into a Disney resort – we chose the Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. 

The parking area was already an instant hit. 

The check in area. 

Kids at the lobby area. 

We got these personalised MagicBands on check in. These were our everything – room key, credit card so we can charge purchases to our room, security tag to enter the parking lot etc. 

The resort had themes from 4 famous Disney films. 

The Little Mermaid. 


Finding Nemo, of which the theme of the main swimming pool was based on. There was even music underwater!

Daniel being splashed about. 

And the kids playground was also based on Nemo. 

Lastly, it was the Lion King. Roarrrr. 

Mr Rafiki and us. 

We had Timon, Pumba and young Simba walked past our room. 

We were in a family suite of the Lion King. I felt like I was staying in a jungle. The kids loooved it!

Shower time with Pumba. 

Our breakfast table in our room looked something like this with all the birds and bugs and butterflies. 

Disney resort did have that extra cool factor. The themes suited the ages of our children in particular and we embraced the whole Disney experience. 

We also spent Halloween here and we will write a little more on this next. 

We are nearing the end of our trip and we will soon head off to Miami airport to board our London flight. We will be posting one last post after this so stay in touch with us!