So why is it sometimes so difficult travelling with kids? Because THEY HAVE ANTS IN THEIR PANTS, that’s why. And they have attention span of a fly. Instead of reading my book quietly with a hot cup of coffee in my hand (ha!), I need to think of activities for them like this:

Or this. So daddy can catch a quick snooze. 

Or this, some sticker book activity thingie. 

Isn’t it exhausting?!… 

And when this happens, it’s like Hallelujah. Both asleep at the same time, woah, that’s as good as gold.  

So where was I? 

We were travelling from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite. A 4.5hr journey turned into a 5.5hr one because of a highway closure. 

The drive however, was absolutely scenic and beautiful. Some parts looked something like this:

The roads were also incredibly winding when we got into the forest itself, which daddy thought was a nice kind of challenge for a long journey. Like from here to here. (Yup, my phone showed no mobile network serviso here.)

Mama drove the beasty minivan even. ‘Too close to the right!’ screamed daddy. 

With 2 movies and *the wheels on the bus going freakin round and round a million times*, we arrived at Evergreen Lodge in Yosemite. 

I promise you I didn’t coordinate the children’s clothing in blue. I can just about manage matching socks on each of them.  

With some directions from the little tour guide, we found our way around the lodge. 

Emily brought us to a zip line area. She went wheeeee!


In the evening, we warmed our little handies and footies up in front of the outdoor fire. Very cosy indeed. 

Just to add more sugar rush to the kids before bedtime, we thought it was a good idea to feed them toasted marshmallows too. 

In the mornings we had some teeth brushing exercise. These were the ‘let’s pretend we like brushing our teeth’ poses. 

Brekkie was in the room with his Royal Highness Daniel being the most comfortable sitting on his throne. 

And it was hiking time in the forest, or as per Emily, ‘looking for bears’ time. 

We then got ourselves to one of the many play areas here. 

Flying hair from the rope static. Did he actually feel something on his head?

And when we got too tired of the kids’ moaning and whining, we chucked them here. 

Yosemite is home to the largest living thing on earth – the Giant Sequioas. The closest to us are at Merced Grove but it is quite a hike with steep slopes to see those trees. Throw in a pram and a baby bjorn we had passer bys politely admiring our determination or they thought we were complete bonkers. 

We got the kids to stretch out their arms wide against the Sequioas for comparison purposes. 

At Yosemite Valley, we saw the Half Dome. That was the thing in the middle behind us. 

It was a bit sad that the famous Yosemite Falls were all dried up! Haihhhh. Two main reasons for this – it was Autumn (or Fall as per the American system), and there was a drought at the moment in California. 

So peeps, you get water at the falls only in spring or early summer if you ever plan to go ok? 

I was so gutted about this and I oversold the waterfalls to Emily big time. It was no wonder the children looked this grumpy. 

But hey ho. Let’s go for some swings against the backdrop of Yosemite Valley, and all life issues are solved. 

There were only a few places with water in this drought season. So here was one. 

We had daddy and Daniel practising stones throwing into the stream. 

And mama paparazzi. Or was it daddy paparazzi?

An attempt at family selfie at the Tunnel View with no.damn.view behind. And I don’t even know what the kids were looking at, at least they were looking at the same thing. 

We also visited the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. 

Here’s a little story about this Hetch Hetchy thing. The dam by this reservoir is owned and built by the City of San Francisco. This reservoir supplies fresh water to the Bay Area in SF – that’s like 167 miles away. So far, right?! There’s no pumping station, just only gravitational pull over those distances. Pure genius piece of engineering especially in the early 1900s if you ask me. 

A typical meal time for us at Yosemite looked something like this. 

What do we think of Yosemite? It didn’t disappoint for sure. The ‘only disappointment’ was Emily didn’t see any bears. Let’s leave it that way, shall we, Emily?

In the national park, the kids were free to roam around unrestrained and it reminded us of the big difference to the London and HK city lives. 

Today is Day 12 on Friday 30 September. 

Up next, we have some serious, hard travelling work. By serious and hard, I mean we have a total of 35 hours of driving between now and our next long stop in 9 nights’ time. That’s across 7 US states from California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas; or across 3 US time zones; all in 9 days. 

Holy Moly Guacamole!

We better get going and move on to Death Valley and Las Vegas. Toodles for now.