Here’s a little trick I learned to convert temperature degrees in F to C very approximately. 

You minus 30 and divide by 2. So 80F is roughly 25C. 

How cool is that? I wish someone had taught me this as it would have made my life so much easier. 

In Lake Tahoe, we are in a cabin with 2 bedrooms. Thank heavens for that because I can lock, I mean, put the kids in a separate bedroom to sleep. This is outside of the cabin. We are on the ground floor. 

Look at this awesome kitchen. Not going to happen in Hong Kong, is it? Haih. Moving in the wrong direction, Michael! *smacks head*

We took a morning stroll to a lovely beach close by called Speedboat beach. 

Kids dipping their little tosies into the cold lake water. 

And it’s time for lunch. Because I need my Asian food fix, if I can’t get my rice or my soy sauce, I feed my family… Asian instant noodles. 

You Malaysians out there, don’t laugh at me because I know you bring your curry flavoured Maggi Mee when you travel overseas. I add an egg and broccoli just to make myself think we are having a healthy meal, ok!

In the afternoon, we went for a mini hike. How is this for a Lake Tahoe view from up there? Not bad at all. 

This is us from North Lake Tahoe. 

Our little super model. Such a poser. 

People with young children – hands high up if you can totally and absolutely relate to this please. 

We went to the King’s beach the next morning. 

And we had little Daniel throwing a tantrum. You might need to zoom in the photo a bit to see him lying flat on the floor but I thought it’s more important to show you how beautiful the sky is. And may be, just may be, he was admiring the blue sky from down there. 

Unfortunately we had another case of stomach flu in the household. This time is daddy. So we bought more of this stuff and hoped for the best. 

Even when Michael is unwell, this is still the braai master’s priority. 

I guess you can take a South African out of South Africa, but you can’t take the South Africa out of a South African. (Well, that’s how we say it for Malaysians when it comes to our love for food anyway.)

Lake Tahoe is truly stunning. Dang. We even talked about coming back here again to ski when the kids are older, and we drooled at the holiday homes on sale here. 

Well, we hope to be back one day, but tomorrow morning, we’ve got to get our bums to Yosemite and it’s a loooooong 4.5 hrs drive from here. This is going to be the first true test for us with the kids in a confined space. Eeks. Yogi bears, here we come!