Here were my two first world problems when I was in a winery region like Napa Valley. 

  1. Michael and I couldn’t both drink at the same time, partly because one of us needed to manoeuvre our giant ass car (and it ain’t going to be me so I guess I *have to* drink then). 
  2. And the second problem was kids were not allowed alcohol so they were bored out of their minds at these wine farms. 

The first stop was Castello di Amarosa. Pretty spectacular view right? I know. 

So when I said kids were bored out of their minds, this was what they have been up to monkeying around. 

One fine day, we are going to get thrown out of places for massive public disturbance. Ish. 

We then visited Sterling vineyard. We took their cable car ride – meant to be the only wine farm in the world which has an aerial tram. Err, hokay, how exciting…

The kids did enjoy the ride. I know Daniel’s face wasn’t saying much. Probably because we had to queue for AGES to get on as the dude in front of Michael bought 50 tickets – FIFTY for his tour group. Lesson learned:

If there is a tour group in front of you, cut your losses and go elsewhere to do something else.  

Once we reached the top, a selfie taken:

The last and final stop was V. Sattui winery where we had our picnic lunch. 

This was Emily saying ‘I don’t want to eat that thing’. Oh kids, just eat that damn thing. 

Sometimes we did not feel like going out for meals. So we had meals in the hotel room like this:

The thing about travelling with kids was that we had to include some kiddy friendly activities, which could be totally so boring for the adults. 

In Napa, there was this Fantastico playground which was worth going, well for the kids at least. 

This was some serious kit for the children. 

Now, remember I said about my near-vomiting incident by the Golden Gate Bridge? 

Well, I jinxed it. Sheet. I was throwing up all afternoon – I will spare you the graphics and show you only this. 

So poor thing right me? *sniff sniff* It was probably gastroenteritis yet again. I had a severe bout in Egypt, and then again in Cambodia. 

Given this was my 3rd stupid episode, I feel I’m super qualified to give a lesson:

If you have a series of vomiting episodes, go to the nearest drug store for some hydrating salt. You will still feel like hell for a while, but it truly does work wonders. 

Anyway, enough about my puking festival. 

On day 6, we had a 3 hour drive from Napa Valley to Lake Tahoe. Even a draconian parent like me had to give in to the mother of all parenting tool, the iPad. Sigh. 

In between napping and movie watching, we had a peaceful drive. 

We had lunch at Char-Pit on King’s beach in North Lake Tahoe. Look at this awesome burger:

This was me post puking. 

We got to our accommodation here at the Crystal View Condominium. It was so bigggg. 

Daddy needed a beer first after all the hard work driving. 

And after all the effort entertaining Emily. 

That was super dad award for you. It was just slightly short of a nail painting session together. 

Daddy read bedtime stories before it was lights out. 

Just some stats for those of you who like numbers. We are 5 nights into our 45 nights. And we are about 250miles into our 4600miles journey. Some serious driving coming up after this. But before that, we will chill out here in Lake Tahoe for 3 nights.