Before I move on, I should give you an overview of what we nutcases are attempting to do with our 2 young children. This is what I meant by driving from left to right across that part of America:

On day 3, with kids, and to be fair the adults too, still jet lagged, Emily woke us all up at 3am (#~~?^$€#< argh) so we pretty much hit a breakfast cafe at 7am sharp. 

Home Plate restaurant on Lombard Street gave us buttermilk pancake, oat porridge, fried egg with toast with potato slices brekkie and scones. 

We did go back to the motel for a quick morning sleep just so we can charge up for the day, because it was going to be a bicycle day across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Looking good all of us. 

Honestly this was the best thing ever, mostly because, Emily and Daniel were comfortable in their trailer:

Towed by daddy:

I have no idea what the kids’ view is like from in there. 

Thank goodness the kids were towed by daddy, because I swear I almost vomitted climbing up the mini slope just on my own… Out.of.breath.bloody.hell… But my bag was damn heavy ok…

Some customary piccies on the bridge with the small grumpy pants. 

I managed a smile post the roadside episode. 

After we passed the bridge, we cycled to a stunning and picturesque town called Sausalito. Kids were screaming quite a bit en route, but it was actually so worth it (you definitely don’t get me saying this too often). This was part of the view we had to endure. Gorgeous with a capital G. 

This was the dramatic sky line in Sausalito. 

There was no way on earth I could have gone uphill to cycle back. So we took the ferry back from Sausalito to the Fisherman’s Wharf with the kids checking out the sea. 

It was then dinner time (you should know by now that means 5/530pm local time). We found a true gem – Pacific Catch on Chestnut Street. Very nice food indeed. 

Day 3 ended fairly successfully although we still haven’t done the cable car, union square, Chinatown etc. Considering it was Michael and I who did all the hard work cycling, God knows what the kids were doing such that they became like this by 730pm:

On day 4, we were all still a bit jet lagged. This time, it was Daniel who gave us the morning wake up call at 4am (]+[€~^{!|¥]€| arghhh). 

If an hour of time zone difference meant a day to sort out our body clocks, we still have 4 more days of this nonsense (London and San Francisco is 8 hours). Wonder if there are any child friendly drugs please? Anyone?

After our 7am brekkie yet again, we braved the bus system to get ourselves to Union Square. Total chaos with these two, I tell you. 

The bus took us through Chinatown so that was considered done. 

I was never sure what you were meant to do at Union Square, and was still not sure this time round. This was the best we could manage:

The cable car (not the traditional air hanging type), was a complete rip off at 7 bucks per adult, but it had some real cool factor. 

The idea was to stand on the sides of the cable car like this. See, pretty darn cool right? You feel like you are literally hanging off the edge. 

But the problem when we had 2 bambinos with us was that we had to sit inside and look at people’s bellies and bums at our eye levels. Haih. 

I know, I looked like a Chinese fisherwoman in that hat and that jacket. But hey, my face was not sun burnt and I was warm. 

We got off the stop at Lombard street to see the world’s most crooked street. 

Next, we waved goodbye to San Francisco with this view from our dashboard when we drove across the bridge. 

We stopped in Sonoma Valley for lunch – the Cheese Factory by the main square. 

A quick 20 mins later, we arrived at our hotel in Napa Valley – the Ivy Napa. 

This was our view from the car dashboard in the wine region. 

Tomorrow is going to be a wine farm and vineyard day. Stay tune for updates.