I am not a professional blogger, but Michael had this bright spark idea of logging our 6.5 weeks US mega trip before we pop up in Hong Kong. I guess someone, ie me, needs to actually make it happen. 

Because I’m not a pro blogger, and I’m a Malaysian, and a mom of 2, I must apologise in advance for:

1. Not appearing coherent in the way I write/type on my phone, because let’s face it you are lucky I have some words and photos here in roughly the right order

2. Sounding Malaysian sometimes in my writing/typing

3. Not writing frequently because I am very sure some days I feel like crashing out and yelling in my head after a long day with the kids

So here’s the start of our story. 

We said goodbye to our London house on 19 September, Monday. This was daddy waving bye. 

Emily and Daniel were getting all excited about our 6.5 weeks road trip in the US. 

Our grand plan: we take a plane from London to San Jose (close to San Francisco in California). We get a car that is bigger than our runaround car here in London and we drive from left to right, I mean, west coast to east coast. The final pit stop is Miami airport on 2 November, just nice for post Halloween. With 2 young children, easy peasy right? Sure!

And we hopped onto our taxi when mummy and Daniel duly crashed out. 

First, bagssss dropping at Heathrow. See the amount of luggage? No kidding. I was in charge of kids and pram, and Michael carried the rest *strong muscles alert*. 

We boarded the flight. Emily wasted no time in binge watching Frozen. 

And we had Daniel sleeping on mummy most.of.the.way… Well at least he slept 7.5 hrs of the 11 hrs flight. So I better shut my mouth up and suffer from a lack of blood circulation in my left arm. 

Having collected our giant ass minivan, we made our way to a random hotel in San Jose for our first night. 

With a selfie in there too. 

The next day, daddy drove us all in the minivan and we headed straight for Highway 1 towards San Francisco where we would stay for 2 nights. 

We checked into Marina Motel and we went to the Fisherman’s Wharf. 

Alcatraz prison was meant to be on the list of things to visit. However, we were supposed to book tickets 2 months in advance. Who actually does this?!! Obviously none of us did it, so we better be satisfied with the view from afar, and with a tonne of other tourists too. 

Remember I said about travelling with kids being easy peasy? Well, OK, they could have been much better behaved. Not that I didn’t know but sheesh. I guess we lugged them half way round the world, and inflicted jet lag and hunger and lack of sleep on them. 

So to help us work up our zen, we had this at the San Francisco pier to end our day.